广州活动策划 OPPO的梦想 我看OPPO Find X2新品发布会


 广州活动策划 OPPO的梦想 我看OPPO Find X2新品发布会
值得关注的是,OPPO还在西班牙巴塞罗那发布了5G CPE新品OPPO 5G CPE Omni。它搭载骁龙X55调制解调器以及“O-Motion 360° 5G天线”和“O-Reserve 5G智能天线“等多项自研技术解决方案,5G测试下行速率高达7.5 Gbps,带来极速、可靠的通信体验。它支持Wi-Fi  and compatible with BLE 4.1 and ZigBee 3.0 connection protocols, in the face of a variety of vertical scenes to provide nearly seamless intelligent 5G connection.

OPPO 5G CPE Omni can receive mobile signals and forward them with WIFI signals, which can greatly optimize the cost of LAN layout in some scenes. Unfortunately, OPPO did not announce the domestic launch date of this product at this press conference.

3月6日,大家期待了两年的OPPO Find系列终于更新了。OPPO通过一场线上直播发布会正式对外发布了全新5G全能旗舰OPPO Find X2系列——Find X2、Find X2 Pro,以及OPPO Find X2 Pro 兰博基尼版。除了这三款5G手机外,OPPO首款智能手表产品OPPO Watch也正式亮相,这似乎预示着OPPO开始从单一手机品牌,开始向多元化多智能终端品牌迈进。
实现你的智能家庭 是我们的动力
两年磨砺,Find X2系列带来全方位“感官觉醒”
实事求是地讲,I still have high hopes for the Find X2, a product that has been honed over the past two years. In terms of performance, the Find X2 Pro comes with qualcomm's current flagship snapdragon 865 chip,但搭配了自家的Smart 5G技术,实现强悍的5G性能与功耗表现(实验室安兔兔跑分达到63万分),让Find X2 Pro在各品牌的骁龙865平台的手机能够脱颖而出,与众不同。
Find X2 Pro带给我最大的惊喜还是搭载的支持3K QHD+分辨率的120Hz“超感屏”。流畅顺滑的触感和细腻逼真的屏幕色彩表现,让Find X2 Pro不愧于旗舰二字。其实这块屏幕灌注了OPPO很多心血,也采用了不少黑科技。不过这些留待对这款手机进行详细评测的时候再Tell us more about it.
As for the camera system, the Find X2 Pro didn't disappoint. It is equipped with OPPO's most powerful and comprehensive telephoto full-focus imaging system -- a combination of 48 million main shots, 48 million ultra-wide Angle shots and 13 million telephoto shots, which can bring a comprehensive upgraded image experience in near and far, light and dark, dynamic and dynamic scenes. Of course, the score of the first place with the DXOMARK 124 should be the most telling, because the same score of 124 is the mi 10Pro with a 1mp camera.
OPPO Find X2 Pro兰博基尼版毫无意外地也出现了。深度定制的OPPO Find X2 Pro 兰博基尼版首次以“热锻玻璃工艺”打造出立体棱线机身,当然12999元的售价注定了这款手机定位在高端用户群体。

The highlight of the appearance of OPPO Watch is that it adopts 3D hyperboloid flexible screen. The most attractive thing for me is that it supports eSIM scheme and has the ability of independent communication and Internet surfing. Secondly, it can provide accurate sports health data monitoring, and make customized sports health improvement plans for users. The third is that it can last 40 hours on a single charge in ***art mode, compared with 21 days in a long battery mode that supports basic functions such as notifications.
I noticed that OPPO also announced its official partner for the Boston marathon. Over the next four years, OPPO will partner with the Boston marathon in in-depth branding and product partnerships, including ***artphones, ***artwatches and IoT products. It can be seen that with the launch of 5G CPE, ***art watch and other products, OPPO's multi-terminal ecology is constantly enriched. It is foreseeable that OPPO will continue to lay out multiple intelligent terminals in the future for four scenarios of individuals, families, travel and offices. The performance of OPPO in the future is worthy of our expectation.
这次发布会上,OPPO除发布Find X2系列之外,OPPO还同步发布多款智能设备。其中最亮眼的就是OPPO首款智能手表——OPPO Watch。

虽然此次发布会的主角是Find X2系列,但OPPO副总裁、全球营销总裁沈义人的一句话让我印象深刻。他说:“多终端产品的发布,也将更好地满足高端市场对融合产品生态的需求。2020年是5G普及的元年,OPPO希望与全球合作伙伴共同推动5G的普及,从人们的日常生活出发,为全球用户提供多终端、跨场景的智慧服务。” 由此能够看出,OPPO已经不再满足仅做智能手机单一产品了,多终端,跨场景的智慧服务才是OPPO的梦想。




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